Volvo Marcopolo G7 1800DD Bus v 2.0


Volvo Marcopolo G7 1800DD Bus v 2.0

– Ride Physics
– Video of Nearly 6
– Skins
– Passengers

Tested on 1.5.2 version


Linux, kevitom



  1. cannot get this mod to work I go to the Volvo dealer cannot see bus when I customize each truck that’s in the showroom would I need to create a new profile?

  2. Loaded this to version 1.10.1. the bus drives like a drunken porpoise, when accelerating a lot of banging and crashing from the rear and front of bus lifts up. Under brake the front of the bus dives like a submarine. The mod also affects all the other vehicles, they now drive the same way even with trailers hooked up. WORST OF ALL I HAD A FLEET OF 8 VOLVO 3 AXLE FH 16`S, MY FLEET HAS BEEN CHANGED TO 2 AXLE SCANIA NORMAL R

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