Volvo FH16 6×8 v 1.0 vs Black Yellow


Volvo FH16 6×8 Black Yellow

Mod “Volvo FH16 6×8 v 1.0 vs Black Yellow”

Skin-as light-box (logo on the front top of the A and B cab).
Panels-in skins, behind the front upper and lower grilles.
Rebuild-lights with more reflective materials for projectors and black
for FH16.
Tuned front-lattice – a new material for the FH16 polished version.
Summary truck-6x now comes without wings (Norwegian style.)
On-truck in the shop, you can add the rear fenders and side skirts.
Rear- lights attached to the rear of the cab A.
-Stop Light, has attached behind the cab A, above.
Added-beam and high beam to projectors on the bottom of the front
-Small update.
-Some changes in the structure of files and minor changes in the light

Updated Tune:

1.Reshetka radiator: -Black grille placed with engines 420 – 500 hp
-Chrome placed with engines 540 – 750 hp -painted with and without
edging put the engine 750 hp
2.Front panel on the forehead, has four removable panels
3.Panel under the windshield, also has four removable panels
4.Dekal has two pieces with inscriptions: GLOBETROTTER XL, OHAHA GmbH Co
5.Other Tune (bumper plates, lamps, LEDs)


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