Volvo FH 2013 v13.1s


Volvo FH 2013 v13.1s

New Volvo FH 2013 Standalone


New chassis variants
6×2 Tandem (compatible* with Flemming V’s tandem trailers)
All chassis versions support adding side skirts and exhausts
The default truck, in 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8×4 variants, comes without any rear wheel arches (fenders) – these are now optional accessory, in plastic or painted versions (except 8×4).
Reworked cabin to accept glass panel on the side.
Reworked headlights
Improved reflection of projectors
Added black background for FH16
Reworked taillights – LED’s for parking light
Reworked engine grids
Higher reflection (chrome effect) on FH16
Added two extra grids, linked to 750BHP engines
Painted wipers’ base
Painted panel above windshield (forehead)
New type of projectors available on the forehead
Added LKW-Schilds (L, G, V, TIR signs) on the upper engine grid
Added accessory group to lower engine grid (you can add small lights, to various locations, including turn signals)
Added custom decal on the forehead (you can change it by editing decals_ohaha.dds)
Added accessory group to the back of Globetrotter cabins, with various safety signs and speed limits (50, 70, 80, 90 etc.)
Added accessory group to the rim of the Globetrotter XL cabin, enabling you to add custom lights
Added accessory group to the back of Globetrotter cabins, for three types of custom lights (park, brake, reverse).
Custom mirrors with markers to add small lights, including turn signals
Two new roof bars – one for Sleeper cabin (a rework of a default SCS beacon) and one for Globetrotter XL (similar to original Volvo RoofBar)
A few custom paintjobs
Starting with v12.5s the front engine grids are disconnected from the engine type. You can switch them in truck shop. Just look for a marker called C_EQUIP (somewhere on the floor level, behind the cab, visible from front and sides).
Starting with 13.1s the default SCS chrome finish is also available (thank thebigbadonion)

Known issues

– you may notice a traffic (AI) FH with three rows of taillights – still haven’t figure out what’s happening.
– choosing the glass panel on the sides of the cab does not change the interior (no modifications were made to the interior)
– there is only one type of exhaust available for the 6x chassis variants. GT-Mike made a few extra, though 🙂


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