Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v 18.4s


Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha

New chassis variants
4x2B (lowered)
6x2C (lowered – non-liftable)
6×2 with lifted axle (mid and rear)
6×2 Tandem (compatible* with Flemming V’s tandem trailers) with accessories:
Cistern (chrome and paint)
Tipper (empty or full)
Timber frame (empty or full)
All chassis versions support adding side skirts and exhausts.
The default truck, in 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8x4A variants, comes without any rear wheel arches (fenders) – these are now optional accessory, in plastic or painted versions.
Reworked cabin to accept glass panel on the side (dark tint and clear).
Reworked frames and suspensions.
Reworked headlights.
Improved reflection of projectors for FH.
Added black background for FH16.
Several variants, including high and low beam, in the lower bumper projectors.
Yellow glass fog lights.
Protective mesh for headlights.
Reworked taillights – LED’s for parking light
Engine lower and upper grids in plastic, paint and mirror – chrome finish, available as an option.
Painted wipers’ base.
Painted panel above windshield (forehead).
Dirt deflectors (AeroKit) available as optional accessory.
New type of projectors available on the forehead.
Added LKW-Schilds (L, G, V, TIR signs) on the upper engine grid
Added accessory group to lower engine grid (you can add small lights, to various locations, including turn signals).
Added accessory group STRIPE, to enable the addition of stripes (separated from vanilla stripes) with slots for under chassis neons)
Added custom decal on the forehead (you can change it by editing decals_ohaha.dds)
Added accessory group to the back of Globetrotter cabins, with various safety signs and speed limits (50, 70, 80, 90 etc.) and allowing the addition or removal of spoilers, aerodynamic hoods and painted variant of air intake duct, for all cabin versions.
Added accessory group to the rim of the Globetrotter XL cabin, enabling you to add custom lights.
Added accessory group to the back of Globetrotter cabins, for three types of custom lights (park, brake, reverse).
Custom mirrors with markers to add small lights, including turn signals.
Stone guards.
A few custom paint-jobs.
A few custom vertical exhaust pipes.
Rear fenders / mudflaps as accessories in truck shop.
Ability to add custom rear bumpers.
Bonus: Paint-job DLC’s skins available – separate mod at the same link.
High-bar roof grills for Globetrotter cabins (w/ or w/o light box).
Roof bar for Sleeper cabin (a rework of a default SCS beacon).
Auxiliary fuel tanks available as option, for 8×4 chassis (only visual – same overall fuel capacity).
New accessories (side windows, wind deflectors, painted and extended stock sun-shield, painted side and front mirrors).
Windshield and side windows decals.
Front and rear mud flaps, in three color combinations.
Custom taillights (roundm square, rectangular), for custom bumpers.
Engines based on real Volvo range.
Hazardous materials transport signs for front upper engine grid.
Crane covers and crane accessory (Palfinger inspired) for 8x4a chassis.
Front bumper spoiler with high beam projectors.

Starting with

12.5s – the front engine grids are disconnected from the engine type. You can switch them in truck shop. Just look for a marker called C_EQUIP.
13.1s – the default brushed metal finish is also available (thank thebigbadonion)
17.4s – the grids are actual 3D meshes.
18.4s – you can also find an additional mod with two trailers for the tandem variant (timber and tipper).

Known issues

choosing the glass panel on the sides of the cab and windshield decals does not change the interior (if you want to see that, there is a separate, custom interior mod, in the same place)
some of the accessories might produce a visible collision with other parts. it’s up to the user to choose their correct combination
you should always visit the Truck Shop and switch to the 4×2 chassis, then remove all custom accessories, before enabling a new version of the mod. after this simply go back and install them again.
using the tandem trailers additional mod will add these to your economy! be careful when taking Quick Jobs, to avoid having them attached an incompatible chassis truck.




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