Trailers and cargo pack


Trailers and cargo pack

Trailers and cargo pack

Mod adds about 100 trailers and cargos.
For 1.4.x or higher.





  1. that data ending 7z. doesn’t work.. i added both packs in my mod folder.. but nothing happens.. i don’t have any heavy duty load pack in the game.. only trailer skins.. nothing else

  2. Hi

    CRC failure to both files after downloading (IE10, Chrome) when trying extract from .rar …

    and in two moments very differents (half hour after first trying)


  3. I am using this MOD and it WORKS…. all type of trailers are added in my game from this mod…. but i ave to take out all the SKIN PACKS ([Trailer-ETS2] Skin Pack v2) in order for the mod to work.. because it keep crashing my game with both in there… but i only use the bigger pack PACK PT1. i see helicopters, sum big trailer loads…. i prefer this PACK… only issue thou, {{{{NOT IN ENGLISH}}}} When i go to do a job, the trailer is in a different language… but i still work with it….. THank u JAZZY CAT!!!!

    • You can do as i did, go and change the file to .zip and unpack it, then go to .def map and cargo, there You will find all the sii files, just open them one by one, and after the line name: you can change the russian name to english or whatever language You want in there, I did that and it works fine.

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