Tokyo Bayshore v 1.0


Tokyo Bayshore v 1.0

Welcome to Greater Tokyo.

1/3 Large scale Shutoko Bayshore Route map mod.
DLC Going East and Scandinavia required.

You can accept little job on Wangan-sen between Tokyo to Yokohama.

Shutoko ”Wangan-sen” (meaning of Bayshore Line in Japanese) is one of the fastest and widest specification road in Greater Tokyo.
It had constructed in 1976-2001 between Chiba-Tokyo-Kanagawa.
Almost its route was planned on the new land reclamation of Tokyo Bay, and the road directly connecting Both of Tokyo Port and Yokohama Port there has massive Logistics and Industrial area.

Wangan is fast, but not a simple one.
It has many slopes by Sub-sea tunnels and huge Bridges build for Large ship traffics.and lot of the complicated Junctions is connecting to many direction of Inner city Expressways.




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