Renault Magnum updates v 4.0


Renault Magnum updates v4.0

– Changed front mirror
– Changed physics

– Added horns on the cab (as accessory)
– Modified vehicle lamp colors
– Replaced default front mirror (short)

– Widened viewing angles
– Modified physics
– Reduced clearance
– Updated side skirts

– Fixed sunshield from interior view
– Added cabin horns as accessory
– Added three paints for ‘Route 66’ version: blue, gray, red
– Fixed exterior sounds
– Removed reverse sound
– Added ability to select the transmission in truck configuration (the idea is not mine)
– Added two Optidriver+ transmissions: AT2412C and ATO2512C
– Gear number with automatic transmission now without letter “D”
– Fixed external appearance of the cabin interior

Tested on 1.3




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