Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 New Sound


Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 New Sound

Improvements have been completed, I am no longer attractive one file to share, but now split one file into third with a different pitch and volume, I can actually make for a more simple but at the risk of loss of sound truck specific section


For truck and other accessories including interior is private package that is part of the sponsorship of our partners, we do not sell it is not about money but it is a matter of clever ideas we changed the model is simple with pedantry to take a long time approximately one year more, I just sharing for the sound truck, so do not even ask about truck mod and other accessories, it throw your life 🙂

Thank you for :

1. God thanks for everything
2. Kriecbhaum you are my inspiration
3. RTH-Mod Mark Srihardi, thanks for a wonderful truck
4. SAC-Mod Agus Cahyono, thanks to accessories
5. Sib3rius thanks to turbo sound
6. ComandoreOne thanks to turbo sound
7. TM_Locko my little cheating your def file: v


Gustav Rhan


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