MAN TGX Tuning Pack v2.0


MAN TGX Tuning Pack

This pack contains a lot of new tuning parts for both exterior and interior of the MAN TGX.

Changelog in version 2.0:
-Chassis lowered suspension spelled out separately and selected tuning
-Arrows devices made lighter
-Navigator Lexand increased slightly
-Hind wings in two variants: plastic in the body color
-Reduced the greenish glass

Added accessories:

– Side curtain.
– Factory visor with an inscription
– DVR: screen to configure through F4 “front mirror” (two installation point, and if put, it is necessary to remove the front mirror, because it will be displayed incorrectly)
– Leather trim on the rear wall (put out)
– Blankets, pillows, sleeping bag in


SCS, knox_xss, Matthias, ton


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