MAN F2000


MAN F2000


– Standalone Model
– Metalic paint
– Interior
– GPS and animated Interior (Radio set + tree wobbles)
– Tested Version runs on 1.17.x to

Writers in the GTS do not know
Authors salon: voditel102rus, stass556
Envelope / Assembly: Kirill Mladshev


Kirill Mladshev, voditel102rus, stass556



  1. There is an error in archive. File can’t be unpacked. Please fix that error and upload again. Thanks

  2. 3 times downloaded. Everytime it says: No archive found, error.
    Even winrar 5.20 as well as 7zip 9.30 are unable to unpack.
    So please fix the package and upload again.
    Thanks in advance…….

  3. It is a shame to the uploader because until now the upload is not fixed.
    A nice truck for sure, but the uploader is just unable to cerate a simple rar-file.
    I can only wonder……

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