Krone trailer skins


Krone trailer skins

Krone coolliner and profiliner skins to your game.
I do not know trailers factors, but thanks to the author!?


Extract the Rar package and takes it inside the kronet_by_wopito.scs
file to your game mod folder.


kronecool0 = Braun
kronecool1 = Dhl
kronecool2 = Augustin
kronecool3 = STX Europe
kronecool4 = dls
kronecool5 = FedEx
kronecool6 = Schenker
kronecool7 = Nor-Cargo
kronecool8 = Dachser
kronecool9 = Fresh
kronecool10 = nickoot
kronecool11 = LKW Walter
kronecool12 = Frigoexpress
kronecool13 = Pirkka
kronecool14= Knights of Old

profi_liner :

kroneprofi0 = UPS
kroneprofi1 = Eddie Stobart
kroneprofi2 = Danske Fragtmaend
kroneprofi3 = Lillevilla
kroneprofi4= Torrestir
kroneprofi5 = Jost Group
kroneprofi6 = Paul Van Loon
kroneprofi7 = TNT
kroneprofi8 = Trans Cargo
kroneprofi9 = Vogel
kroneprofi10 = Waberer’s
kroneprofi11 = Norfolkline
kroneprofi12 = Gefco
kroneprofi13 = Vos
kroneprofi14= Cfs




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