Guard Scania v8


Guard Scania

Description of Change:

The fashion for those who might not work out in fashion as a model of
Scania trucks. (If that does not work in any other fashion that is
relevant to the Scania disable).
This mode is not yet complete, so if there was a weakness perfectly
normal! Please tell a friend to see if the problem was resolved.
The current fashion for Askanyast and may even be time for just a
Scania chassis or cabinet that’s the perfect opportunity.
A series of upgrades like no other trucks will be built by a group of
other children.
The front bumper just above the international plaque was placed
White a little more white Scania.
Scania also has body-colored grille.
Fans around the edges, Steele added.
The front camera has been added.
Small lights below the main headlights out (of course, as well as LED
light Kmh).
Mashhad plate for the rear and front of the truck + the international
plaque on the front bumper.

Tested on version 4.1.12 and 1.5.2.


Edit: hamed30


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