Euro Truck Simulator 2 update v1.4.3 BETA


Euro Truck Simulator 2 update

Change log:
Fixed issue which might be responsible for the always-red/green
traffic lights.
Fixed use of license plates
Improved handling of non-widescreen fov. The view is now increased
vertically instead of reduced horizontally.
Game will not crash if modded cargo specifies collision which does not
Another attempt at fixing the sunken trailers.
Fixed speedometer range in UK variant of Hi-Way interior
Swapped fuel and temperature gauges in the UK variant of Hi-Way
Fixed turbo/adblue animations in UK exclusive variant of Volvo
Fixed the “Lumen Chrom” auxiliary light
Fixed possible crash when service call was requested while positioned
on item without a valid country.
Fixed possible crash when switching resolutions in-game.
Fixed non-functional animation of wiper stick (affects all trucks)
Fixed disappearing bus station in London
Proper pre-caching after teleports.
Fixed incorrect number of slots in preferred brand selector in the
profile edit screen.


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