DAF XF Euro 6 standalone re-edit


DAF XF Euro 6 standalone re-edit

DAF XF Euro 6 standalone re-edit
by serega2012, Lixsodey (Lech Kolosov), pez2k
This is an edit and bugfix of the DAF XF Euro 6 for ETS2 by
serega2012 and Lixsodey. It’s now a standalone truck available in
mainland European DAF dealerships.
I have also removed many unused and duplicated files, shrunk some
needlessly large textures such as 2048 pixels of flat black, and
reduced the filesize by almost 90%.
The glass and chrome materials are corrected, and the truck
should no longer produce material errors in the game log.
The side mirrors are now available in paint and chrome too, and
all accessories that fit can be purchased.
The engines are mildly revised to reflect the new PACCAR MX13
Euro 6 specifications.
Finally, the bright orange paint used on a lot of DAF Euro 6
demonstrators is added as an option.

Known bugs:
Lacks customisable doorhandle, step, bumper bar, sun visor and
beacon parts.
Interior side mirrors are always black plastic (needs remapping).
The interior is just a mildly tweaked version of the default.
No RHD interior mesh supplied.
Numberplates are textured on instead of dummies.
Q: Where can I buy the truck ingame?
A: At any DAF dealership in mainland Europe. The truck will not
appear in UK dealerships, in jobs, or in traffic, for maximum
compatibility with other mods.

Q: What edits are made to the included files?
A: I have edited all .mat and .tobj files to redirect to a new
daf_xf_euro6 folder, and created a new set of .def files to
use the new model seperately. I have also extensively tweaked
the .pmd and .mat files to reuse default materials and
textures, and created two new sets of side mirrors.
Tools used were Notepad and XVI32.

Q: Is the file locked?
A: No, as the original authors did not lock their files I am
respecting that by leaving everything open. Feel free to edit
and fix any other issues you may find, but please do not
release locked and/or uncredited versions.

Q: Can I rehost this?
A: Sure, drop me a comment on ETS2.lt telling me where.


3D model: serega2012
‘Author envelope’: Lixsodey (Lech Kolosov)
Standalone edit, tidying up: pez2k
If anyone is miscredited or missing, please inform me and I will
update this list in any future versions.


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