Combo Pack Skin Batik Pekalongan


Combo Pack Skin Batik Pekalongan

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

This mod it two mod (Combo Packs):
Skin New Volvo Ohaha v1.18.8 edition Batik Pekalongan [Central Java].
Skin Cargo Schmitz edition Batik Pekalongan [Central Java].
Compatible for v.1.19.1.s. If this mod not compatible at version New Volvo by Ohaha v.121.1,
please copy this dds to New Volvo by Ohaha in version v.121.1.

Sura Dira Hadi Joyo Diningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti!

Thanks to:

-Allah SWT
-Nabi Muhammad SAW
-My Mother
-My Grandmother {Almarhum]
-My Wife
-My Friend’s
-My Laptop
-My Ide
-SCS Software
-SCS Editor
-Corel Draw 7X
-Photoshop CS6
-Adrian Ohaha TB (Truck Mod)
-Schmitz (Cargo Schmitz)


Adrian Ohaha [Truck Mod], Schmitz Cargo, Ervian Skin


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