TruckSim Map V 2.2 Vom TSM Team

TruckSim Map V 2.2 Vom TSM Team

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-TSM Team


38 new cities in Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Libya
Diesel prices adjusted for each country
completely new signs created by us in the parts of the map;
more life on the streets and in
Various Modes
many add-on packages that are tailored to the map with extra features such as new trucks, new engine programs, Economy settings, new trailers and new freight


If you map the TSM 2.0, 2.1 or 2.1.1 then you can use to continue playing on the score, but ONLY on the condition that your. The Map 2.2 as well as renaming the old folder in the Mod
If your still playing the TSM Map 1.5 then MUST be created as a new game.
For playing our map with the various add-on packages should be paid to the hardware instructions.


You ought to install an empty mod folder have (only the old TSM Map 2.x in there).
If you map the TSM 2.0, 2.1 or 2.1.1 then you can use to continue playing on the score, but ONLY on the condition that your. The Map 2.2 as well as renaming the old folder in the Mod
Personal mods can be added gradually and are therefore tested for compatibility with the map.
Extract the contents of the archives in your mod folder
There is no fix for the more TSM – Map 2.2 requires
Can run with ETS 2 1.3/1.3.1, Kompartibilität with is not guaranteed
Scores from the 1.x – series are not compatible

Hardware requirements:

For TSM 2.2 – Map has the same hardware requirements as ETS 2
600 MB hard drive space required
Fürdas Zusatzmods playing with the basic needs of the memory, which is made available to the game, be increased; sure we will have a guide in PDF Append
To play with the Zusatzmods basically is a system with 4 GB of base memory and a graphics card from ATI or NVIDIA with 1GB of RAM recommended
For Zusatzmods Additional disk space is in the size of 2-4 GB necessary


All work on the map were made by the TSM team. To create the Zusatzmods we have received in recent days and weeks, valuable support of various modders and the community they are separately nominate among Zusatzmods.


We do our work from the fun of it and they will continue to keep it open. Since we were, however, often referred to donations. Link to donate: http://trucksim-map.de/index.php?page=Custom&pageID=3


the changes to the map can be found here: … http://trucksim-map.de/bug/index.php?pag map & productID = 1
Have Fun
Your TSM team


TruckSim MODS of TruckSim Map is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Based on a content download only under the original link from TSM (uploaded.net).
About this license beyond permits can be obtained at http://www.trucksim-map.de
This mod should only be charged on the offered download links!
The mod may not be offered on other file hosting!
Support is provided exclusively on the website of the team http://www.trucksim-map.com.

TruckSim Map V 2.2 Vom TSM Team
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  1. bonjour
    j’ai télécharger la carte impeccable mais quand je veux recharger ou plutôt rechercher travail ça bugues sauf si je vais directement dans les entreprises comment dois je procedé merci de faire le necessaire

    • bonjour j’ai télécharger le mod en 1.9.2 impeccable plus de bug et je fais l
      mes chargements normalement merci a bientot

  2. hello
    I download the map impeccable but when I want to recharge or rather find work that bugged unless I go directly in companies how should I proceed thank you to make the necessary

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