Scania 143m Straightpipe Sound

Scania 143m Straightpipe Sound

All engine sounds replaced with 143m ones in both interior and
-New blinker sounds made
-Gear air and air brake sounds used from V8 scani sound mod.

Changes from ver.1.0 to Ver.2.0
-All engine sounds have been completely re made and r/*+-andom noise
removed plus looping is now 100% non clipping.
-All gear air sounds have been replaced with new ones.
-Air brake sounds have been improved from previous version.
-Blinker sounds stayed the same execpt they are a bit louder just be
heard a bit better.
-New exhaust sounds were added
-New turbo sound
-New horn sound added

Changes from ver.2.0 to Ver.2.5 (Straight pipes)
-All gear air sounds are replaced with new straight pipe versions.
-New Straight pipe exhaust sounds were added to replace the regular



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Scania 143m Straight pipes -MrTheFlashBack

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