Renault Magnum 6×2-4 and 6×4 chassis re-edit

Renault Magnum 6×2-4 and 6×4 chassis re-edit

This is a pair of 6-wheeled chassis for the default Renault Magnum model. They have the largest fuel tanks I can fit without extending the chassis too much, but a shorter wheelbase than the 4×2 chassis. It’s as compatible as possible with other mods, and uses all of the original truck’s materials and textures.

Complete list of changes from 4×2 to 6×4:
-Removed accessories from right side.
-Replaced left tank with half-size version, moved both tanks.
-Added second axle, stretched chassis, moved trailer hitch.
-Repositioned driveshaft to clear and meet second axle on the 6×2-4
and 6×4 chassis respectively.
-Remade a Panhard rod mount on the 6×2-4 due to the smaller axle.
-Modified shadow-casting meshes and collision shapes.
-Edited UI shadow texture to add the extra wheels.


Base model: SCS Software
New chassis: pez2k
Blender2SCS: 50keda

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