Realistic Physics Mod v 8.0

Realistic Physics Mod

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Changelog v8.0!

• Updated for 1.7.0+ & 1.8.0+
• Physics settings have been entered more realistic for all trucks.
• Cabin’s inside shake has been set more realistic.
• Braking power is back to its original regulation.
• There isn’t any new gearbox option. Default game gearbox is used.
• Phsysic settings for asphalt, sand roads etc. are now in their most
suitable occasion.
• Driving is more realistic now in rainy and sunny weather.
• You can use it with which chassis you want. (4×2, 6×2, 6×4 8×4 etc..)
• The gearbox settings weren’t touched. They are the original ones.
• This mod just changes the suspension settings.
• You can enable/disable speed limit in game settings manually.

Tested Versions: 1.7.0+ & 1.8.0+



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Realistic Physics Mod v8.0 (by KacaK)

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  1. why is it so loose..? real life it’s not that loose, and the camera inside shouldn’t go up and down that much.

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