Real Environment Dimension


1: Open redexpert10s_ess2013.exe. Install to C:/Program Files/Environment Simulating Studio/Real Environment Dimension folder.
2: Open the RED – Expert 1.0S 2013 folder in installation folder.
3: Copy the EnvironmentSimulatingStudio_RED_Expert_2013.scs file to Your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
4: Open the config.cfg file in Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder, and give the following:
uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1″
5: Start the game. Drive a little. Press ESC and Exit.
6. Check the config.cfg. If the uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1″ line is disappeared, the RED is okay. The game will use the HD Effects.


Environment Simulating Studio

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Real Environment Dimension


  1. followed what it says to do but game still crashes with or without other mods in game even starting a new game it would work all it does is crash

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