Neoplan Tourliner + Interior + Passengers

Neoplan Tourliner + Interior + Passengers

Neoplan Tourliner + Interior + Passengers

The Tourliner provides high comfort on long tours. Special value was placed by our designers on the arrangement of the interior. The spacious interior pampers your passengers with ample space and freedom of movement.
The cabin presents an impressive amount of space from the cockpit, through the passenger compartment with comfort seats, right up to the high bus headliner.
During the day your passengers enjoy natural brightness. Large-area windows ensure the cabin is flooded with light and permit long views into the travel environment.

Description bus:

– included interior (indicators, display not working);
– wheels for bus;
– camera angle from interior of bus;
– skin;
– passengers mod;
– replaces MAN.


MuT1595, LiNuX, Furkan, ByMetin44

Neoplan Tourliner + Interior + Passengers
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