Mercedes E63 AMG 2012 V2

Mercedes E63 AMG 2012

Second small update:

-The engine is more realistic.
-The price is more realistic (120 000 euros)
-The distance with a full tank of gas is more realistic (700 kilometers)
-The seventh gear is better
-The UK interior is playable but with many difficulties

First small update:

– Original Interior
– Sound of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter
– Speed max: 230 km/h
– Gearbox: 7 gears
– Engine: V8 biturbo
– The price is realist (150 000 euros)


Sztywniak, reworked by Ficfic

Mercedes E63 AMG 2012 V2
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Download mod:

Mercedes E63 AMG


    • No it doesn’t work with 1.16. Every time I go into the Majestic dealer the game crash.

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