Kamaz 43118 + Interior + Trailer + Sound (Beta)

Kamaz 43118

Kamaz 43118

Features fashion:

1) painted in standard colors.
2) Native beauty and sounds.
3) Chassis 6×6.
4) Kamaz and trailer are registered separately.
5) Kamaz you can buy in the showroom Daf, trailer replaces Aero_dinamic

Tested on: v 1.3.1 – 1.4.8


Authors in GTS: Mr.Green, Mr.Nick, volk113rus, lexan, etc., (who knows tell me)
Author envelope in ETS2: by maz_man ™
Authors Salon: by maz_man ™, maks (xD)
Author animation: maks (xD)
Residence permit: Ch_Vitalik, by maz_man ™
Author trailer: Alfir Maratovich
Author envelope in ETS2: by maz_man ™

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