DAF XF-105 Reworked v1.0

DAF XF-105

DAF XF-105

1. Replacing the chassis (frame, suspension + seat).
2. Added option chassis “LOW”.
3. All variants of the new chassis 4×2 fuel tanks.
4. In all embodiments tanks shortened in height.
5. Side staircase is made a separate upgrade to not sticking out of the side skirts.
6. Added two options booths.
7. At the option of the chassis “LOW” removable top rear wings (cover up).
8. All engines are added “badges” (Icons) + non-standard motors.
9. Four variations of wheels: Hi, Norm for heavy and high-trailers, Mid, Low for the low loader.
10. New shadows on the tanks, skirts, fenders, frame, etc.
11. Minor changes and improvements, textures.



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