DAF XF 105.510 + 14 Skins

DAF XF 105.510 + 14 Skins

With this DAF You can choose 14 different skins
and there are several options added, Kelsa lightbars,
on roof cooling fan and horns ( go to beacon and buy)
and more,

All add-on packs will work properly but sometimes there can be
conflicts, before complaining please check Your modfolder,

All files are open, so You can do what You want, but it will be
respectfull if You give Your added results back without locking them,
and people can use Your stuff,


– 50keda
– Ventyres for wheels
– Snaip for Hadley
– Hotracer for Kelsa multibar and highbar parts
reworked by 50keda
– R. Vlastuin for Hella beacon
– Peerke145 Converted and reworked

– Volvoduck – Jan Bakker, P.J. Hoogendoorn, Weeda
– Peerke145 – Gebroeders Kapitein
– Alexius – Wetter Transport
– Sufyan – Tieleman
– Per_DK – Trans Gernad
– Roadhunter and more, Bring,
reskinned by Freddy Jimmink
– Freddy Jimmink – Europe Flyer, Jac. Op ‘t Hof, JP Transport Service, Ronny Ceusters, Tim Goderie, Transportena & Zn

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DAF XF 105 & Skins

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